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   teaching your story
      a trial is merely a sophisticated educational process

Attorney as "teacher"

The lack of juror familiarity with the issues of your case present an obstacle to meaningful and persuasive communication.  Effective visuals help overcome this obstacle.  Effective visual aids simplify.  They highlight and summarize critical information in a directly recognizable form.

Your expert as "teacher"

Experts may be called upon to teach as well as provide an opinion or conclusion.  

     how can I enhance my testimony and simplify the

     how should I present key excerpts from the treatise

The jurors as "substitute teachers"

In any small group decision making setting, such as a jury, there are 2-3 individuals that assume a "leadership role."  The visuals you prepare, present, and work to get admitted will provide these "leaders" with the necessary tools to teach and convice the rest of the jury during deliberation.